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Would you like access to hundreds of Coaching & Performance Management Frameworks, Models, Tips and Techniques? 
Get in touch with Andy to plan specific training for all your L&D requirements. 
'I have had the pleasure of working with Andy for many years and getting the best out of people has always been his natural gift in the business world. ' 
Spencer Shuter: Owner - Director Pilot IMS 

 FOOTBALL WITH GOALS A practical and highly interactive 2,3 or 5-day programme designed to develop individual and team working skills - delivered in conjunction with Brad Russell a FIFA A licensed Coach with over 25 years' experience of working with High Performing Teams.  By using examples from winning teams from sports such as football and cycling; this course will help you identify what you want to achieve, how you will do it and who can help you get there.  The course is split between classroom sessions focussing on the successful behaviours of high performing teams & individuals and time spent putting theory into practice in a sporting environment such as a sports hall or football pitch. 

Choose a Football with Goals programme to suit your Audience: 

Football with Goals – Focus on Improving Communication 
Football with Goals – Focus on Leadership, Management & Data Analysis 
Football with Goals – Focus on Taking Personal Responsibility & Self Disciple 
Football with Goals – Focus on Goal Setting & Action Planning 
Football with Goals – Focus on Effective Team Work 
Football with Goals – Focus on Employability 
"Could not pick out one single thing as all I have learnt has been inspirational and made me think in a different way by using my team to improve myself." 

 INTRODUCTION TO COACHING So you want to know how to coach people? 

A practical and engaging introductory course designed to help you learn effective coaching skills 
Know the difference between, and the appropriate time to use coaching, mentoring and advising techniques 
Find your focus: Learn how to set effective goals, not only for yourself but for others 
Know how to ask the perfect question to start any coaching conversation 
Understand the difference between commitment and responsibility 
Change vague goals into SMART or Big Sexy goals 
Increase the probability of positive action with one simple technique 
Use a simple model that will change how you coach forever 
Learn how to ask high quality questions like Louis Theroux and listen like Casanova 
Find out what The Cheshire Cat, The Wizard of Oz, Gloria Gaynor and Obi Wan Kenobi can teach us about coaching 

 COACHING SKILLS FOR MIDDLE & SENIOR MANAGERS Coaching Techniques and Frameworks for Managers of All Levels 

This practical two day course will set out a range of coaching techniques and frameworks for managers of all levels to improve the performance of their team members and their departments as well as their own performance. 
Increase the probability of positive action 
Understand how to gain a public declaration of intent 
Discover the only two choices available when setting goals 
Never set a vague goal again! 
Start a coaching session with a great question 
Set effective goals beyond SMART 
Understand how to increase self belief and effectiveness 
Achieve goals by using a range of creative thinking techniques 
Learn how to listen like Casanova. 
Set a vision that your department will buy in to 
Understand why best intentions and procrastination kill performance 
Learn how behaviours and actions are linked when setting goals 
Discover why success happens, or doesn't 
Change vague goals into ideal performance 
Learn how to discover gaps between current and future performance 
Understand how to make coaching into a simple process 
Know how to avoid the one mistake that all managers make when setting goals 

 SOLUTION FOCUSED THINKING A practical and interactive 1 day session. Perfect if you are facing a challenge or need to effectively find solutions to complex problems at home or at work 

Find your focus - Use a solution focused model to set meaningful goals, take action and achieve results! 
Understand how to increase self-belief and effectiveness 
Understand the difference between Commitment and Responsibility 
Set effective plans, find key priorities and create possibilities in order to achieve your goal 
Use creative thinking to increase your possibilities 
Discover why success happens, or doesn’t 
Learn how behaviours and actions are linked when setting goals 
Understand why procrastination and best intentions kill performance 
Andy has a proven track record of devising and delivering training that enables participants to fully understand the role of a leader in the various contexts encountered in schools along with the management skills required by aspiring leaders. He examines leadership styles and behaviours and the part they can play in creating a successful team through effective goal setting, and dealing with challenging people and situations through coaching and performance management. 
Phil Bailey: Deputy Head Teacher. Braidwood School for the Deaf 
The session Andy delivered on the 'Ideal Student Experience' at BCU was great. I came away with some really practical techniques that I was able to put in to practice straight away. An example of this is in personal tutorials meeting, I applied strategies and structure suggested by Andy to achieve a positive, solution focused and goal driven outcome for myself and the student. 
Victoria Lundie: Senior Lecturer Speech and Language Therapy / Programme Leader 
Birmingham City University 
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